What is Bathmate All About?

The vast majority of men are unhappy with the size of their penis for one reason or another. That means that if you have felt insecure about penis size then you are definitely not alone. If you are interested in enlarging your penis, it is important to understand the various methods available or at least being marketed as penis enlargement processes so that you don’t make mistakes and you get the results you expect.

The options offered for penis enlargement include surgery, pumps like Bathmate, weights and other off the wall solutions but in your interest, you are advised to read this article completely before choosing any of them. There has been a recent glut of sites on the internet promoting so called natural penis enlargement or in some cases, ancient penis enlargement in which the supposed secrets of Sudanese Arabs are revealed.

You are well advised to avoid these sites for many reasons. Although the entry price may be very inexpensive, if you don’t get any results from them, it’s a total waste of money.

We have researched the area of penis enlargement extensively and the recent phenomena of internet based penis enlargement programs. We have nothing to sell here and hope that we can present the facts in an unbiased and intelligent manner. There are solutions but one must be careful to ensure that your money and your penis are protected, no matter how you may have felt about the size of your penis, it’s not worth losing money or the use of penis just because you’ve fallen victim to marketing tactics.

As we have stated, this article is written in response to the glut of marketing materials and the inability for the average man to see the facts for what they are. There is hope but we will discuss your options at the conclusion of this article.

If given a chance, many men would undergo penis enlargement surgery but statistics and current information suggests that penis enlargement surgery is very dangerous and thereby unproven. The surgery is based upon two concepts, the first theory is that when the ligaments which attach the penis to the pelvis are severed, the penis will elongate naturally. The second process involves suctioning fat from the patients abdomen and injecting it into the penis thereby thickening it.

In simple terms, the process is nauseating and repulsive and it should be clear that it is not a quick fix even if it does work. Most plastic surgeons will not perform this surgery because it simply too risky.

Swelling within the first two weeks of surgery is inevitable and sexual activity or even significant arousal must be avoided for several weeks. Surgeons who are performing these barbaric operations state that patients should have realistic exceptions. That means one thing, be prepared for poor results and disappointment.

It is possible to lose length and infection is a potentially serious problem that occurs in about one in twenty patients. Other risks include problems with erection, bleeding, swelling, and heavy scarring.

The risks are so high that penis enlargement surgery cannot be recommended under any circumstances and as a result, the fad of surgical enlargement is starting to dwindle.

Very few professionals believe in the use of Bathmate penis pump product regardless of who is endorsing it. The Bathmate penis pumps have been existence for a long time, they are in fact a sex novelty. A product that has evolved from a gag gift into something that is marketed pseudo-medically as a high-tech contraption that purportedly works..

The truth is that no matter how medical the description, no matter what the packaging looks like, these products are all the same : A plastic cylinder connected to a suction pump. Not only is it dangerous, because there are no government controls on the manufacture of these devices, remember they are produced as joke so there are no standards. Secondly, they are overpriced jokes and if they don’t work for penis enlargement then why would you consider them ?

Some products are recommended by doctors but let’s remember that the word doctor does not mean that the individual is a practicing physician or medical doctor.