The Wonders Of Body Beast Workout

Body Beast, is the latest fitness program available anywhere today, it is a 90 days daily workout program composed of three phases : the build, the bulk and the beast phases with twelve workout routines, solely for the purpose of gaining lean muscle mass thus making you look bigger and getting your confidence back. In the first phase of body beast workout which is the build you learn the basics of workout for a period of three weeks, such as the basic workout moves, how to breathe while doing workouts, how to lift weights ad lastly how to engage. Afterwards, the bulk phase follows; it encompasses six weeks of heavy weight lifting (beginning with smaller weight then gradually advancing into heavier ones) and pardon the pun. The final there weeks is usually the beast phase where you finish your body beast workout journey and go from looking scrawny to brawny.

How challenging is body beast workout

Body Beast workout is very challenging it pushes your body because it has a set target. The routine workouts are shorter than what most people might be used to but very intense. With the body beast, workout is ready for a 40 – 50 minutes of weight lifting that is focused on a specific group of muscles with minimal period of rest. In each phase, you are expected to work out for six days in every week with just one day of rest. The philosophy behind body beast work out is the dynamic set of trainings which combines the super sets, drop sets, progressive sets and even old school training to give you more muscles in a shorter period of time that is what makes your feel like they are on fire after your workout sections.

Who is the body beast workout for

Body Beast workout has a specific goal, which is lean muscles gain which in the long run translates to weight gain. However there are so many workout routines out there basically for weight loss but, this is for those looking to build a body with the kind of muscle that can be easily see through clothes or in most cases even force you to change your wardrobe to bigger sizes. Although if you have never done weight training before this might be a challenging starting point, but it is doable if you start slow and are consistent. If you are conversant with the gym but have spent so many hours doing various workout routines without any results then be sure to get the body you have wanted all your life, with body beast workout.

Equipment’s used for body beast workout

Doing the body beast workout routine requires some basic equipment without which you might not be able to do some of the routine workouts. The basic equipment’s are weights of different kilograms and an inclined bench as an alternative you can use bands, and finally you need pull up bars.

At the end of the day body beast workout is worth the effort you put into your workout as you can add up to ten pounds in 90days.