Wed. Apr 24th, 2024
Way to select chillums

Chillum is a native term for conventional cigarettes. Dope Boo is a brand for narcotine substances. Dope Boo sells a wide variety of narcotic substances such as beakers, straight tubes, round bases, chillum and other products in which narcotic substances can be burnt and used for inhalation.

Chillums are lightweight pipes that can be carried anywhere in their pockets. The chillums could be used as a storage container for nicotine substances. The burnt substance could be covered and used for inhaling the nicotinic substances.

The chillums produced by Dope Boo are perfectly crafted. The chillums are affordable and could be used to smoke a pipe at parties. The outer body of the chillum is made of glass, giving it an aesthetic and classy look.

Features of Chillum

The chillum is also known as the taster because the smoke can be inhaled when the nicotinic substance is burnt. The inhaled smoke gives a satisfying flavour and gives an amazing taste. There are various features of the chillum. You can click here to get more information.The chillum contains a roll stopper. A roll stopper is used to prevent the nicotinic substance from falling. Roll stopper also prevents accidents while burning nicotinic substances. The body of the chillum is made out of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is the best variety of glass available in the world. Various designer bodies of the chillum could be produced, giving parties an aesthetic look.

Role of borosilicate glass

The borosilicate glass is very thick and durable. The thickness may cause a reduction in the quantity of a nicotinic substance that could be burnt in the chillum. The bowl size of the chillum could vary. However, chillums are always available in three-inch sizes. The body of the chillum could come in several styles.

The various kinds of chillum available from the Dope Boo brand are line taster in the G.R.A.V labs category, honeycomb design chillum made out of empire glassworks, a taster from Jane west category, a natural taster from Marley, Chillum made out of bat wax, Graphic chillum or graphic taster from G.R.A.V. labs, Bat taster from R. Y. O. T, Chillum made like pokemon pendant, shot glass shaped tester from G. R. A. V. Labs, chillum made out of American glass, chillum made like trillion trails, Dubdancer chillum made from chameleon coloured glass, and frog-shaped chillum from Empire glassworks. The chillum or taster from Dope Boo is affordable, easy to carry, aesthetic looking, durable and comes in various sizes.