Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Synthetic Urine

What if you get an interview call from your dream company but have to go through a procedure to go through it? Many organizations are asking for a supervised drug test on the candidates. So if you are into drugs, then getting through the urine test can be challenging. But whether you take drugs as a part of medication or for recreational purposes, do not let that be a hindrance to your long-cherished job. And to make your job easier here is something you might find helpful.

Finding the Way

There are specific ways to “show” your hiring company that you do not use any drug, legal or illegal. For example, you can ask a friend or anyone with clear history for some urine. However, this can be indeed messy and awkward. And there is a new alternative now. Laboratory-made urine, or synthetic urine, has similar physical and chemical properties to human pee. Several companies are claiming to provide the best synthetic urine kits. However, there are some websites.

Never heard of it?

synthetic urine test

Fake urine kits is not something that everyone talks openly about. So don’t feel embarrassed if you have just heard about it. Or even if you are just curious, then the customer support of the most authentic service providers would never shy away from answering your queries. But even if you order it, you might need to adopt some tactics to use the kit’s contents, especially in a supervised test. Case in point, sneaking in the kit is essential. If you are a woman, then practice hiding in the bra. And men can keep the urine in the crotch. Keep the pee safe by wearing two briefs. You can keep it in between two layers.

The Pros and the Cons

Even the best synthetic urine kit in the market has a fair share of pros and cons. Some advantages include the following:

  • You can get them in powdered or premixed form, as you desire.
  • The best products use real human urine for production. So they are effective.
  • The powdered products come with complete user manuals.
  • These affordable products are effective for both men and women.

The kits are unisex. The product has a long shelf life since it comes in powdered form. However, powdered products are not suitable for improved urine tests. You need to prepare the products right to get the desired results. Not all products ship to every state in the US. So make sure to check the shipping poly of different products.